Notts ASA County Champs - Weekend 1

January saw the start of the Nottinghamshire County Championships at Harvey Hadden.  So far the swims have been fabulous, and a great start to the first long course weekend of the season. Some great times and lots of PBS, which for the first meet is a great bonus. 

Medals and finalists were:

50 Fly - Rose 1st and Junior Champion, Ruby 3rd, Hannah 6th
100 Fly - Zak F 1st, Kieran 8th
200 Fly - Ruby 1st, Zak F 1st, Jacob 4th, Kieran 4th, Josh 6th, Emily H 6th, Emily G 7th
50 Back - Rose 3rd, Milli 6th, Hannah 6th, Bethany 7th, Ruby 8th
100 Back - Zak F 1st, Rose 2nd and 2nd Junior, Milli 4th, Zak G 4th, Ruby 6th, Hannah 7th, Finley 7th, Dylan W 7th
200 Breast - Kieran 2nd, Finley 3rd, Emily H 5th, Jacob 7th, Lily-Rose 7th 
Para 100 free and 50 Back for Ellie
100 Free - Zak 1st, Finley 4th, Dylan W 6th, Cole 7th
200 Free - Rose 2nd and 2nd Junior, Hannah 3rd, Ruby 3rd, Finley 7th 
Thanks to all coaches, team managers, officials and all the Radford helpers, and of course our great parents supporting us loud and proud.

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