To take newly gained level 7 swimmers and through consultation with parents prepare them for advancement into the squad system by maintaining a fun atmosphere while introducing them to the basic elements of competitive swimming  including diving. Swimmers are to move through levels 8-10 on the Swim England LTS pathway before they  can progress to the squad systems.
 Develop repetitive length swimming.
 Improve stoke and skills on all four strokes.
 Improve stamina
 Develop race starts (from the side and from the block).
 Develop race turns and transitions.
 Introduce the competitive element.
 Group Criteria:
Guide age 7 - 11. Must be able to swim 100m comfortably with three strokes and do 25m of butterfly.
A minimum of 2 sessions per week progressing to 4 with good attendance to gain entry onto the squad system. Swimming  should be one of many activities for the young athlete and they should have an orientation towards teamwork in spirit  and attitude.
Club Junior Gala, Club Championships, once you reach 8 years of age then galas with other clubs become available - ie Notts stage 1 gala and J C Dobb,  swimmers should do their best to make themselves available for league and trophy galas if selected.
 Equipment List:

1 x 1 litre of water/squash per hour of training.

Alignment kick board; Snorkel;  pull buoy;  training fins;  all in mesh kit bag.

Good quality Goggles plus spare pair.

Training hat plus CLUB hat for galas plus spare.

All kit to have your name on so lost property can be easily returned.

Training Days & Venues - choice from and not all have to be attended

Day  Time  Venue
Tuesday  6.45-7.45pm  Ken Martin
Wednesday 7.00-8.00pm  Ken Martin  
 Thursday 7-8pm  Southglade  

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